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Nowhere On The Map  

By Caroline Walken


Nowhere on the map, is it where Jon Banks is heading leaving Cincinnati, a place he considers home.

He has no other option when he receives the call that his Aunt has taken ill.  Taking a leave, he travels to a town that is a left turn from nowhere.  When the town’s sweetheart befriends him, a cop’s curiosity turns into a more.  Before long where he began, becomes a dot on the landscape behind him.

Everyone in Hawks Ridge loves Maggie Lewis.  However, her lighthearted nature belies a deep-rooted fear.  Although resilient, the method she uses to safeguard her heart has become her prison.  When the new guy joins the force, this creates an opportunity to assist in organizing the cold case files.  In fact, his arrival in Hawks Ridge has opens more than one door for her.

Another member of the small town struggles as his demon demands justice.  Pieces of an unsolved murder come together out of nowhere.  As the vortex from the war within the man grows in intensity, it draws the others in.

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The Family Farm – a flash fiction piece

Long before you knew this world, I lived. Now decades later you walk around this old house curious about how I lived.

Young man you inherited a home I created from your Great Grandmother’s dreams. In the 1947, I built this farm with my sweat and the aid of the schooling thanks to the G.I. Bill. To you it is just a small shack that you should tear down and acers that will absorb your tears and sweat.  Just know son, when it began, this place was all I lived for.

…entry in a flash fiction contest – the prompt was use of the phrase  “I Lived”

Coming Attraction, WIP Behind the Fan – Layoff Man

Late on a Saturday afternoon, she is alone on stage as she works on her moves, the fans flow around smooth as silk.  She had mastered flashing her body in and around their feathered mass.  The stage manager operates the lights as she works out her spots on the stage.  The heat was unbearable as she slips out and around the feathered clouds, the cooler air giving her a small measure of relief.  Dottie relaxes and the music and her movements combine as one, soon she is oblivious of all else.  As she finishes, she hears a singular applause.  She drops the fans, shielding her eyes against the glaring lights.  It was normal to have people sit in the back watching as the girls practice.  Lilly’s boyfriend did this, not because he appreciated the girls’ skill; he was just on the prowl.  Moreover, she knew that Paulie sat in the back with other managers trading talent back and forth.  However, in the time that she had practiced; no one had paid her attention.

Squinting against the glare, she picks out the shadowed form.  He sat all the way in the back in an unlit corner shielding his identity.  From his outline, he appears to have pushed his fedora back from his brow and has leaned his chair back on two legs, propping his feet up comfortably.  Sitting next to him is Donny.  She watches as he resumes entertaining the boy.  His hands move swiftly, shuffling the playing cards and fanning the card-stock for her brother to examine.  His hands whirl again while the boy selects one from his proffered hand; his young voice rang in the empty hall as the man completes the trick.  She listened as Donny beseeches the stranger to repeat the trick again.  Dottie watches them pause long enough to enjoy a spoon of ice cream at the back table.  She walks to the edge of the stage, her heart pounds as she focuses on her little brother while the cool treat held his undivided attention.  She can tell however, the shadow next to him directed his eyes to her.  Slowly he rises stepping forward from the darkness and as he did so, she recognizes him.

Nick Denham, the layoff man for the Brady organization.

Nowhere on the Map – Senses and Seduction

The playful teasing was a welcomed change to the sexual innuendos he had endured with Lana.  Jon dropped the arm, which held the book in midair and deliberately walked near her his eyes boring into hers.  Feeling free to tease and flirt with her, eagerly he progressed.

“Now wait a minute, last night I was ‘nothing to be jealous over’ as you put it.  Are you now implying I’m a dud in the sack?  Maggie; Matt is right, you are mean!”

“No, I am merely stating men could learn something from us.  You see, men, are visually seduced – magazines, strip bars, porn videos.  While conversely women are intellectually seduced—we use our imagination as well as the other senses.”

Maggie folded her arms, satisfied she had successfully won the social debate.  Jon walked closer the friendly fight seemed to have turned into a dangerous challenge.  Her mind cautioned her, but she ignored the flashing warning lights.  He reached for her; he then lowered his face to her hair and inhaled deeply; she felt the pull in her very soul.

Huskily he inquired, “Magpie, had I not seduced your senses sufficiently last night?  Perhaps you stopped me too soon.”

It was as though her body had finally awakened from a dreamless slumber.  She had never felt like this with a man before.  No wonder Lana had claimed him as her own sex toy; she didn’t agree with the woman’s morals but couldn’t deny that she knew her stuff.  She was not as practiced as her city counterpart was and never was comfortable being bold.  Nevertheless, she felt sexy and powerful in spite of the fact that the same emotion overwhelmed her.  Closing her eyes, she focused on the sensation of his lips, his voice in her hair, and the feel of his muscular arms around her.  Her stomach erupted in butterflies; she felt a slow burn begin in her core as her body eagerly responded.  With a supreme effort, Maggie stepped back, her eyes smoldered with desire as she directed him to the nearby stool.

“Let me teach you what a girl knows about senses and seduction!”

Reggie’s No Limit – Respect

Deluca’s Pierce Arrow cuts through the sleeping town like a shark.  The powerful man is lost in thought seated in the back of the large sedan.  His man; Jake smoothly operates the heavy vehicle, no small feat since the car was armored with steel panels, an enhancement necessary for this line of work.  As the mob boss views the passing terrain he nods, Robert had to admit; tonight went well.  At worse, he thought the cops might drum up charges against Martin to save face he will speak to his attorney about this tomorrow.  It is important to protect a valued employee; the man has just proven himself and his dedication.  Who would have thought a careless mistake would turn the tables on those bastards.   He thought the Chief handled himself well, saw the losing hand and immediately folded showing that he was no fool.  He was an honest man; even if he was on the opposite side, Robert appreciated the man’s code.

Looking out the window, slowly the houses are increasing as they approach the city.  The sky once cloaked by clouds now allows early morning stars to break through.  The vehicle makes a hammering noise from the back.  It is loud enough to break his concentration.  Leaning forward he signals his drivers attention.

“Jake, son can you take care of the noise coming from the back?”

“Yes Sir Mr. Deluca.”

Jake glances in the rearview mirror waiting as his boss braces himself.  He then guns the powerful motor; it smoothly shifts as it speeds up.  Jake swerves right then left and quickly back to the right again.  The man in the trunk thrashes uncontrollably, slowing the vehicle again Jake listens intently.  Lewis is finally silent, he glanced in the rearview mirror and his boss acknowledges his approval.  Robert returns to his private musings, thinking to himself that good men surround him.  The boys in Cleveland will hear about this, his crew deserves the accolades.  Martin is a good man; hell, that woman of his is no slouch either.  Smart cookie to get the items the cops stacked from the raid back behind the door mark ‘Private.’   Yes Sir, he had a good group of folks in his organization.  The rest would have to deal with their own garbage.  The Chief will certainly chew out the misfits that screwed up the raid.  Ricci will have to deal with his own problem: Lewis.  Robert sent a runner to send word to Lewis’ boss, he was wise not to overstep his boundaries.  A smart man shows respect for the other families.


Nowhere on the Map Twitter Give Away!

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Thoughts About Doors

Hearing the door close either gives you a sense of peace, adds to your stress and at times it does a little of both.  We view doors differently throughout our lives.

When you are younger, doors represent containment; we can’t play outside or leave our room.  The classroom door keeps us in our studies and away from the sunshine.

As we mature, we see doors in a new light, behind them stand waiting for our prom date, before them, we experience our first kiss.  In anger, we’ll slam them and in curiosity peer out from behind them.

As you run more fully into your life doors are where you isolate yourself, they keep others from invading.  For the first time, you may even consider locking a door, even going as far to bar it forever.

However, it is only a door.  It swings both open and shut and contains no emotion towards us at all.  It is both closure and adventure in one.

It is up to us to decide which.

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