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I have several titles in publication currently;,the latest novel, Nowhere on the Map was accepted for the 2018 Reader’s Choice Award in the Romance category. Additionally, my entry; In Hiding was the winner of the Writer’s Assembled Short Story Competition in 2017. There are plans to expand In Hiding into a full-length novel in the future. This past June, Rejected Manuscripts published my short story, The Rule of Ten, on their site and it has remained in the top since publication.

The consensuses by readers are that my novels are gripping and the characters compelling. The women love the female characters; appreciating their spunk as well as their flaws. With a craving for action and adventure, my novels are not your typical girl meets boy romances. Often intertwined with mystery and lawbreaking, the stories keep the reader engaged. Look for my novels as my imagination continues to run wild.

Let the trouble begin!